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Djesse Vol. 1 LP

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Jacob Collier returns with the first volume of his four-piece album Djesse. It has been described as a journey through every musical genre under the sun, featuring a stellar global cast of over two-dozen of his musical inspirations, with orchestras, folk legends, choirs, rock guitar wizards, soul singers, pop stars and rappers joining the fray. Collier stands bravely at the center of it all, the writer, producer, arranger, and singer putting himself in conversation with the musical world at large. It is one of the most audacious recording projects to emerge this decade from someone who has already established himself as one of music’s most brazen and electrifying new minds.

1. Home Is
2. Overture
3. With The Love In My Heart
4. Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep (feat. Laura Mvula)
5. Djesse
6. Everlasting Motion (feat. Hamid El Kasri)
7. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
8. Once You (feat. Suzie Collier)
9. All Night Long (feat. Take 6)